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About Us

Who are you dealing with?

I-Visual Solutions Limited is an associate company of iVisual Australia, an Australian media technology company behind the development of iVisual - one of the most powerful, robust, sophisticated and advanced real estate and retail digital display systems in the world. The iVisual system allows retailers, large and small  to  engage consumers in-store with digital signage  linked with social media and mobility to create a sustainable dialogue. The ground-breaking iVisual system manages, delivers and showcases information with a power, ease and efficiency that was not previously possible. With a robust solution, powerful online tools, sophisticated R&D development lab and a dedicated customer support programme, iVisual is leading the industry into a digital future.

 iVisual has introduced aTouch Screen Application to give customers access product 24/7  This also means that a business can use the iVisual kiosks as a remote shop expanding the reach of the customer base. The iVisual Touch Screen system dispenses with the need for brochures and can be used by sales people as an effective sales tool .

The consumer is looking for a new experience.


Many of us aren't as computer-savvy as we'd like to be, so it's good to know there's someone to count on when you're taking a new technology on board. To make your transition into a modern approach as hassle-free as possible, iVisual have a team of experts on hand to make your transition a smooth one.

The iVisual system helps you take charge of your windows, update the face and core of your business by replacing your static, paper window display with an iVisual state-of-the-art digital display system that will take your business to a completely new level. It's this simple: installing an iVisual system means you'll save time, money and resources.

With all this experience, understanding of the nature of the business, market knowledge and powerful solutions behind us, you are guaranteed a system that not only works well but a system that provides you with a full return on your investment.

If you want to take your business to the next stage, contact us on info@ivisual.tv.

I-Visual Solutions Limited
116a Golders Green Road, London, NW11 8HB
Freephone: 0800 955 7873 F: 020 3114 8044
E. info@ivisual.tv

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