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iVisual is simple to set up, and even easier to use, but for your peace of mind we've answered the most commonly asked questions. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team on 0800 955 7873, or send an email to us: info@ivisual.tv 

Who is behind ivisual?
What is the ivisual digital display?
What's the cost involved?
Why should I install iVisual?
How do I use iVisual?
What are iVisual's main features?
What makes iVisual unique?
What benefits does iVisual bring to my business?
What am I committing to should I decide to install iVisual?
What hardware is involved in setting up iVisual?
How long does it take to install iVisual?
Does an iVisual system include customer service?
What are the necessary requirements to get an iVisual service set up?
What Are the benefits to having a Software as a service (SaaS)?

Q. Who is behind ivisual?

A. I-Visual Solutions Limited is an associate company of iVisual Austarlia,
iVisual system - one of the most sophisticated and advanced real estate and travel agency digital display systems in the world.  iVisual Australia is now the leading supplier of digital display solutions to Real Estate Agencies in the country.

Q. What is the ivisual digital display?

A. iVisual is a digital Real Estate and Travel Agency window display system that is increasingly replacing all static, paper and cardboard window displays. It is a state-of-the-art, online, professional and fully automated digital display that can be set up in the window of your business location, the foyer of your business or any place else you see fit. iVisual can even work with your designers and architects to ensure that the display system works well with the look and feel of your business.

Q. What's the cost involved?

A. The iVisual system is custom-made to suit an agent's individual needs, Price start from as little as £4999+VAT for a fully automated digital display (with a single 40" Monitor). Pass the costs on to vendors and receive subsidies from financial institutions, developers and builders for advertising on your screens, so the system ends up paying for itself.

Q. Why should I install iVisual?

A. You should install an iVisual system as it will ALLOW YOU TO DISPLAY SO MUCH MORE THEN JUST A PAPER IMAGE AND TEXT! you will be able to show all your listed properties (manually entered or automatic), promotions, (click here to view a small sample of what can you show...) video's, animations, movies, it will save you time, labour and office resources. your window will ALWAYS be up-to-date with your latest information. You will also immediately update the face of your business in tune with digital technology, you'll attract the attention of a greater potential audience.

Q. How do I use iVisual?

A. It is not difficult to use an iVisual system. A separate 'How to...'PowerPoint presentation (4mb) is available to take you through all basic steps.

Q. What are iVisual's main features?

A. An iVisual system is custom-made and can be fully automated. All changes and updates are made online so you can control your window display from your home, office or anywhere else in the world. You can even control your window display from your mobile phone! iVisual's configuration of special sun readable LCD display screens, various packages available (click here to see some of the options) , offer dynamic images, movies, animation and information about your listed properties. All templates and layout for your iVisual digital display are unique and created to accommodate the individual requirements of your agency and branding. iVisual's screens can be arranged on silver or black poles in a variety of ways to suit the individual style and set-up of an agency.

Q. What makes iVisual unique?

A. Digital display systems are out there, but the majority of them are similar to a simple PowerPoint presentation offering agents some basic tools to create their own presentation, on which they have to spend time and money. An iVisual system is unique because it does everything for you. With iVisual you have complete control over your system. iVisual is visually unique in that all screens can be both portrait or landscape. iVisual is the most powerful, robust and cost-effective system of its kind on the market.

Q. What benefits does iVisual bring to my business?

A. iVisual offers your business effective, dynamic branding while saving you time, cost and resources. iVisual looks more impressive than a paper or cardboard display system, and people are attracted to the display and impressed by the technology. Your business will also be, in the minds of those who see your iVisual system, associated with technological advancement, evolution and ultimately, notions of success. After all, passer-bys notice when a business spends money in order to offer potential clients the best possible service while staying up to date.

Q. What am I committing to should I decide to install iVisual?

A. A 3 year contract between yourself and iVisual, with a fix fee of £100+VAT per month, plus the cost of your hardware. You have the option of renting or purchasing the hardware.

Q. What hardware is involved in setting up iVisual?

A. LCD screens (the number of these is up to you), poles to attach them to, and a PC to control data entry and updates.

Q. How long does it take to install iVisual?

A. You can be up and running within a couple of hours. An iVisual installer comes to your premises, bolts the poles to the floor, screens are then attached and your PC is connected to the network. You can use the system automatically.

Q. Does an iVisual system include customer service?

A. Yes, around the clock. You will always have help at hand, 24/7.

Q. What are the necessary requirements to get an iVisual service set up?

A. It really is simple. Internet access is all you need (and...yes, electricity as well...).

Q. Can I use my iVisual system for things other than property listings?

A. Absolutely. You can sell the space to other companies such as mortgage brokers, interior decorators, architects and developers. You can display your list of agents with their photographs, propvid's, movies, videos, flash animations, images, other promotions (click here to view a small sample of what can you show...) or offer passer-bys a history of your company and even display real estate awards. We can place special outdoors speaker outside your window display and use sound to grab attention. You can use your iVisual system in any way you like.

Q. What Are some of the benefits to having a Software as a service (SaaS)?

A. Today most sophisticated and professional services are moving to be online services (banks,travel, real estate, search, maps, telephone, VoIP, video etc...). Online services are Easy to set-up - No technical support or expertise is required, it has no relation to the type of I.T equipment you have, their speed, operating system, age or type, you get the freedom, flexibility and ability to access your digital display from any where, anytime, your data is secured and professionally backed up, control many offices from any location, Software is never out of date, no need to upgrade (at a cost) to a new software version in the future, new features are being added regularly, support can make sure your display is operate to its full capacity 24/7, Research indicate that (Research group Gartner) the yearly cost of purchasing and managing software applications can be four times the initial purchase cost, it also found that companies spend more than 75 percent of the total allocation IT budget on maintaining software and systems. why not let someone else to do it all for you? with ivisual you are placing the responsibility for the performance, maintenance and upgrade of the software in the hands of specialist professionals all day every day.

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