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Why iVisual

What's in it for you...

Why use iVisual?

Easy to Use – Power your display within 10 minutes of viewing our online tutorial. No need for costly or time-consuming interaction with your IT department as iVisual is a web-based interface.
No Software Downloads EVER – Access iVisual from any web browser with an Internet connection. All updates are available to you at no additional cost or resourcing.
Proven Technology –  iVisual  has become the product of choice for Estate Agents in Australia. The iVisual syatem can be scaled to grow with the size or number of locations of your business
Secure and Reliable – 99.98% up-time with 24/7 access to technical support
The iVisual system helps you take charge of your windows, update the face and core of your business by replacing your static, paper window display with an iVisual state-of-the-art digital display system that will take your business to a completely new level. It's this simple: installing an iVisual system means you'll save time, money and resources.

Take advantage of the digital information age in which we live: iVisual is about keeping pace with technology. In the last hundred years working practices has evolved in many ways, and yet static, paper window displays have barely changed. Agents have gone from using cumbersome typewriters to working on feather-light laptops, they've gone from using restrictive landline phones to mobiles, and they've only recently moved on from film to digital cameras. These big changes have simplified tasks that were once complicated and time-consuming, and they've given agents more time for the most important part of their job - selling.

We believe it's time your window display caught up with the other technologically advanced elements of your business. it's time to evolve to the next generation window display.

iVisual is also an important tool for branding. With an iVisual system you'll not only make a big statement about your modern approach to business, you'll also make people remember your brand. For this purpose, iVisual create your own unique digital template which look the same as your print style, for brand recognition. It means you'll highlight and intensify current advertising in your locality and maintain the same public image across all of your advertising mediums.

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